• I am unable to verify my IEC. What should I do?


  • What is Linker.store?
  • What are the benefits of Linker.store?
  • Why is the solution offered free of cost?


  • What is a design theme?
  • How many design themes are available for me to choose?




  • How will I receive payment for the orders received?
  • What is the TDR charged for online payment?
  • Which payment gateway are you offering with the e-store?
  • Can we opt for a different payment gateway?
  • Can customers pay using their wallet?


  • How will products be delivered?
  • What are the courier charges?
  • What are the COD charges?
  • Which courier company can I choose to deliver my products?
  • How are returns processed?


  • Can I generate invoices from the e-store?
  • Will the website be GST ready?

Online Marketing

  • How much traffic GlobalLinker will bring to my e-store?
  • Will you help us in marketing the website?
  • How do I find if people have visited my site?

Technical Support


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