Why and how to add floating social media icons to your online store

Why and how to add floating social media icons to your online store


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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In today’s world, social sharing is an essential part of your marketing activity for your online store. It helps in engaging users and also boosting traffic by making visitors aware of your content. There is an increase in social media share buttons on the online store, website pages, and blogs.


Adding floating social media icons is an easy way for your customers and visitors to share your content via social sharing. By ‘floating,’ it means that the social media icons stay with the user when they scroll down your page.


This plugin lets you add social media icons for RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube (and other 200+ social media platforms) and upload custom share icons of your choice.


Are you wondering how to add floating social media icons to your online store?

Don’t worry! We’ve got it covered for you. Here are two videos for you to set up social media icons to your Linker.store. There are two main steps to get floating social media icons to your online store which are


  1. Setting up Google Tag Manager on your Store
  2. Integrate AddThis plugin


To start with, you will have to create an account on Google Tag Manager.


How to set up your Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager helps supports the plugin to your Linker.store, along with this Google Tag Manager, benefits your online store in many ways; stay tuned to find out more. Speaking about Google Tag Manager, watch the video below to know how to create your account and integrate it with your Linker.store.



How to add floating social media icons to Linker.store?

Adding floating social media icons consists of a few easy steps; we will use ‘AddThis’ plugin to integrate the floating icons. Watch the video to find out the easy steps.



Advantages of adding floating social media icons: 

1. Adding social media helps improve your customer experience. This also includes actions like sharing content, which typically customers do not tend to do.


2. This sharing option helps visitors share your content with a new audience range, which helps to increase your brand exposure.


3. Utilising your current customers to get them to share your online store to a new audience helps improve the reach of your target audience.


4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of your online store’s most essential elements when it comes to organic traffic. Adding floating share buttons to your store can increase organic traffic.


5. Generally, online stores have social media icons on the header or footer; adding floating icons make it easier for customers to locate and share.


These are just a few advantages. Once you add these icons, it helps promote your online store to a whole new level.


Let’s sum it up

Social media is growing day after day, and so is the number of active users on these platforms. You can benefit from this trend. That’s why social icons are an essential feature that every online store owner should adopt.


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