Use recycled plastics for packaging & reduce your carbon footprint

Use recycled plastics for packaging & reduce your carbon footprint

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Kapil Malik

Kapil Malik

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Companies engaged in manufacturing are constantly on the lookout to finding ways to cut costs. Out of all the factors taken into consideration, ‘packaging’ is often not really looked at as an opportunity to do so. There is a lot of inaction on this front due to lack of knowledge, sincere effort and the absence of a packaging expert who can measure actual packaging requirements leading to cost savings. 


Invest in a dedicated packaging expert

It has been observed that in mid-level enterprises with a turnover of less than INR 50 crore,they often do not have a dedicated packaging department or an individual responsible for measuring the packaging needs of the products. Many adopt the ‘follow the leader’ pattern without understanding the actual need of the product. This pattern can be seen in the detergent industry, salt, spices, gutka etc, and in industrial segments such as paints, pipes and automobile ancillary sectors.


Use recycled plastics in packaging 

Another major constraint is the lackof leveraging recycled plastics in packaging. Recycled plastic can be processed with additives to function like a virgin plastic; and if we educate owners to accept this trend in the long term, this will lead to a positive impact on the environment. Many countries in Europe and especially the USA are making it mandatory for manufacturers of plastic parts in IT to use 30% recycled plastic in the production of the parts of products like printers, computer hardware etc. 


The trend is catching on with washing machines and refrigerators, resulting in a major reduction in e-waste. If this is followed in flexible packaging, there will be a major reduction in the use of prime polymers. Except for food packaging where food comes into direct contact with plastic, we can use recyclable plastic for most other purposes.


PET bottles are another major menace in the form of water and cola bottles. In India, many enterprising entrepreneurs are making pillow fibre, boxstrapping and thermoforming sheets (used in disposable containers) out of used PET.


Benefits of green packaging practices for your business

The world is currently on a path that is unsustainable despite significant efforts being made to reduce the carbon footprint of people and firms. Any steps we can take towards making a greener planet will be beneficial to us not just in the far future, but here and now.


For small businesses, investing in recycled plastics for packaging can prove to be a competitive advantage as it leads to long-term cost savings, provides an opportunity for brand building and significantly reduces carbon footprint.


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Use recycled plastics for packaging & reduce your carbon footprint


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