The science of healing

The science of healing

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Sidhyartha Mukherjee

Sidhyartha Mukherjee

283 week ago — 5 min read

Summary: The body achieves what the mind believes. - Bob Greene.

There is growing awareness that thoughts and emotions determine the health of the body. GlobalLinker member and mind-life consultant, Sidhyartha Mukherjee explains the co-relation between thoughts, behaviour and physical maladies.


Medical science, as is being taught through the current curriculum in medicine, empowers medical graduates to diagnose and treat illnesses comprehensively. However, when one considers 'health' as defined by the WHO, perhaps, the tenets of modern medicine, fails to ensure appropriate ‘spiritual health’, i.e. healing of the soul. Since every human is made up of body, mind and spirit, therefore, ensuring comprehensive and total health requires healing, not only at the level of body, mind and emotions, but, also at the level of the soul. Thus, a medical graduate needs to learn how to get connected to, experience and integrate the mind-body-spirit trinity, to develop the capability to systematically heal all three spheres that constitutes a human being.

A doctor, whether general practitioner, specialist or a super specialist, needs to assess each patient considering, not only the physical malady that afflicts the person, but also the socio-psychological and emotional stress that one undergoes, including the fears, beliefs and thought patterns.  All these aspects impact and modify the patho-physiology of the disease process. Medication itself has limited role in the overall healing process, unless aided by counselling, reassurance and inner motivation to recuperate.

Diseases: Result of harmful thoughts and behaviour

Every single cell in the body responds to every single thought that you think and every single word that you speak. Continuous modes of thinking and speaking produces different behavioral patterns, facial outlines, body postures and diseases. A scowling face is the result of unhappiness and distrust. A permanent frown, contracted scalp and facial muscles, often caused due to anxiety and tension, tends to diminish blood supply to the hair follicles, resulting in baldness. Similarly, when one feels psychologically and emotionally disturbed to either see or hear certain situations that repeatedly keep occurring in the family or at work, it may accelerate the development of loss of acuity of vision or hearing. People develop migraine due to the constant need to be perfect.This creates a lot of pressure on their mind and body. The neck represents flexibility and the ability to accept other people’s viewpoints. People who are self-righteous, rigid and stubborn, tend to develop spondylitis of cervical vertebrae. The vertebral column supports the head and body. So, whenever a person feels lack of emotional or financial support, the resultant thought patterns lead to backaches in the upper or lower back.

Healing: Developing the right attitude can cure you

Creating the right attitude and building determination and faith in one’s ability to recover and heal from the most grievous of illnesses, plays a crucial role in the process of early recovery and restoration back to total health, in every patient. This may be achieved by learning to restructure your thought pattern, through guided meditations and creative visualisations. You need to feel empowered, knowing that you have the choice to create your life the way you want to, with whatever you have. You need to learn mindfulness and being in the now and present, to concentrate and focus on a pattern of continuous healing. Mindfulness exercises, if introduced as a part of the therapeutic process, will accelerate total recovery.

The human soul has the inherent ability to heal their body parts. By establishing connectivity with your soul, it is possible to heal and restore to normalcy, all ailments and diseases, whether of the body, mind or spirit. Mindfulness and meditation help connect with your soul that opens the door for vital cosmic energy to flow towards your ailing body part and ensure comprehensive soul healing to take place. The renewed ability to concentrate, focus and choose the appropriate thought that you allow to germinate and blossom in your mind, reinforces and enhances the ability for quick healing and restoration back to total fitness. Mindfulness, meditation and creative visualisations also augments the process of preventive health care by stimulating immunogens, increased happiness and joy and enjoying the full potential for creativity and work, apart from boosting productivity, prosperity and affluence.

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