Harnessing the full potential of SEO

Harnessing the full potential of SEO

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Thunga MM

Thunga MM

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Background: As the need to draw visitors to your website becomes more compelling, search engine optimisation (SEO) becomes that much more important.In her previous article Thunga MM explored how vital is a website for a business. Here she explains the importance and potential of SEO marketing for businesses.

Business owners view SEO marketing as an expense that may or may not generate desired returns on investment. This could primarily be due to lack of in-depth knowledge of how SEO works and it's potential to generate traffic that can translate to revenues. It may be viewed as a short-term strategy, but the results of such approaches are never satisfactory. SEO has the potential to influence your entire business and the way you conduct business operations.

SEO improves visibility and brings customers to your doorstep

What is your website without SEO? It is just one of the millions out there. Go for the best search engine optimisation strategies and your website assumes a distinctive character. Search engine spiders find it and assign it rankings depending on the content. When people search for a product or service that you offer, the keywords they use and the keywords you use in your site helps your site to be listed on the first few important pages. Onsite optimisation supported by offsite strategies assist in bringing customers to your doorstep through improved visibility. 


SEO has the potential to influence your entire business and the way you conduct business operations. Go for the best search engine optimisation strategies and your website assumes a distinctive character. 


Better reputation and branding

One of the best search engine optimisation strategies is to focus on social media optimisation and marketing. Majority of people who use smartphones and computers as well as the internet are usually to be found on Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, to mention only a few of the top social media platforms. SEO marketing has the potential of helping you build a unique identity, develop a brand and reputation and earn you followers who recommend you to others. Build a brand and reputation and you see better sales.


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SEO has the potential of making you a global business

One reason why small companies with a steady business show little interest in SEO is that they may not be in a position to handle the increased traffic and inquiries. This could be self-defeating when SEO marketing has the potential to make you a global business. If you opt for SEO it does not automatically translate to a sudden deluge of orders you will find difficult to execute. It is organic and grows and by that time you can take steps towards digital transformation and infrastructure to cope with more business. SEO also has the potential of unlocking other relevant business opportunities to help you add to product lines.


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SEO gives you fresh perspectives on your business

Business owners usually are engaged in pushing sales of existing products to customers in their region. It is rare for them to conduct surveys to know about emerging trends or what buyers expect or what existing customers think. Broad-based SEO activities include social media and analytics that give you insights and these insights give you a fresh perspective of your business. Analytics gives you an idea what people are searching for and social media gives you a look at opinions and thoughts. You can unlock this potential of SEO to improve your products and to find new ways to promote products to more customers.

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