Tips to navigate festive season quandaries

Tips to navigate festive season quandaries

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Shital Mehra

Shital Mehra

354 week ago — 3 min read

Here are answers to some common questions posed during the festive season. Learn how to navigate these quandaries to make a good impression:


Q. Our corporate policy allows us to receive certain types of gifts from our business partners. What's the best way to thank the gift-givers?

Handwritten thank you notes are classic and standout in today’s paperless offices. The next best option is to thank the gift-giver over the phone as it offers you a chance to convey warmth.  Another way to select the best option for conveying gratitude is to consider the age of the gift-giver - ‘Baby Boomers’ prefer traditional hand-written notes; Gen X is happiest connecting over the phone while Gen Y appreciates animated e-cards/ text messages. Whatever you choose, do ensure that you thank the gift-giver within a week of receiving the gift.


Q. During the festive season, I send greeting cards to all my clients. Am I expected to sign each card?

To strengthen bonds in business, handwrite the name of the recipient and personally sign each card, even if your name, company’s name and designation are preprinted. To further personalise the card, add a short customised message for the recipient.


Q. My wife and I send New Year’s greetings via email. What is the correct way to sign as a couple?

Write your wife’s first name, followed by yours and end with your family name e.g.  “Anita and Sharad Joshi”. In today’s progressive world if your spouse has retained her maiden name, sign her full name, followed by yours e.g. “Anita Iyer & Sharad Joshi”.


Q. During the festive season, I receive greetings which are forwarded text messages. Am I expected to respond?

As forwarded text greetings are not personalised, you are not expected to respond. The same rule applies to all email greetings which are not personally addressed to you.


Q. What’s your view on e-cards?

While e-cards lack the permanence of an old-fashioned greeting card, they are eco-friendly, cheaper to exchange and reach faster. As the rules of etiquette change with the changing times, in today’s business world, a well-drafted personalised e-card/ email greeting is acceptable.


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