The top 3 managerial skills you need to learn

The top 3 managerial skills you need to learn

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Alexis Natividad

Alexis Natividad

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Managers are a vital component of any organization under whose leadership teams produce quality output and meet organizational goals. Developing managerial skills today will provide you with better opportunities for career advancement within your organization. A study on the most in-demand skills amongst the top Fortune 500 companies reveals that managerial skills are the most sought-after skills in a candidate.


Managers are first and foremost leaders, and they guide their teams to succeed. A study reveals that there has been a shift from a workforce that valued confrontation and individual success, to a workforce that values teamwork and organizational success. 

Here are the managerial skills leaders need along with tips to develop the same:

1. Complex problem-solving

As a team leader, a manager is the one that employees will look to for answers. The World Economic Forum’s ‘The Future of Jobs’ report lists complex problem solving as one of the skills that will only grow in value in the future. After all, while many processes can be automated, the human element is irreplaceable, as thinking outside the box leads to creative solutions that may be the best answer to a problem.

How to develop this skill:
 Managers need to develop their adaptability to come up with solutions to difficult situations. Learning how to deal with sudden crises or how to manage difficult coworkers will prepare managers to better overcome some of the daily challenges that may appear.

2. Leadership

Managers are first and foremost leaders, and they fulfill the functions of guiding their teams to succeed. A study by the Brookings institution explains that there has been a shift from a workforce that valued confrontation and individual success, to a workforce that values teamwork and organizational success. This means that successful managers are those that foster strong team dynamics and ensure that employees have the necessary skills and resources to meet goals.

How to develop this skill:
 Basic people management is the foundation for any leader as being able to direct your team to a common objective is essential for success. Learning how to guide employees to reach their potential through strategic coaching is also a vital skill that will help you prevent performance backslides and remove stumbling blocks.

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3. Collaboration

Since team dynamics are the foundation of every organization, managers need to mediate conflicts that may arise and guide the team to reaching a solution that best addresses the team’s objectives.

Studies show that team-oriented goals and evaluations are more effective as employees will be more motivated if their performance affects the entire team. Managers need to foster collaboration and fluid teamwork in order for their teams to succeed.

How to develop this skill:
 Disagreements are inevitable, but good managers know how to effectively handle conflict. Besides, conflict can be valuable as catalysts for change, so learning how to transform disputes into positive changes is advantageous for any manager.

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Why training matters

In a rapidly evolving age dominated by technology, maintaining a competitive edge in your industry means having high-performing teams. Whether you want to keep up with the ever-growing demands of your industry, or you need to train employees for managerial positions, employee training and development is a must.

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