Steps to activate Paytm payment gateway on your

Steps to activate Paytm payment gateway on your


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GlobalLinker Staff

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A vital enabler for robust, seamless and secure online transactions on your ecommerce is an integrated payment gateway. You can now offer customers the Paytm Payment Gateway on your and the process to do this is very simple.


Let’s start by watching a video on how to activate Paytm Payment Gateway on your ecommerce store. Paytm Payment Gateway activation on your takes less than 5 minutes and you get a Rs 50,000 transaction limit. Once you upload all the required documents and they get approved, the Rs 50,000 transaction limit gets removed and thus the transaction limit gets increased.



To make it easy for you to activate Paytm Payment Gateway, we have listed the steps below.


Step 1
Login to your GlobalLinker account.


Step 2
Click on the Online Store in the top menu.

Online Store - Menu


Step 3
Your Seller Panel will open.  Click on Store Settings > Payments and the below screen will appear

Store Settings - Payments

Step 4

Before you start the application process you will want to know what are the KYC documents required, so as to keep the documents ready. Click on the link indicated below to access the Documentation and KYC guide.


Documentation and KYC guide


Step 5
A new page will open. Here you can select your business legal entity type and on the basis of that the required KYC documents will be displayed.


Legal entity type for KYC documentation


Step 6
Once you have made a note of the KYC requirements, you may go back to your Seller Panel and click on Apply Now.

Apply Now - Paytm Payment Gateway

Step 7
You will land on the below page. If you already have a Paytm account, then you can enter your contact number or email address and your Paytm password and you will be able to log in to your Paytm account. You can also use the QR code to login to your Paytm account. In case you don’t have a Paytm account, click on Create an Account.


 Create a Paytm Account

Step 8
To create a Paytm account you have to enter your Mobile > Email> Password > Confirm password and after that you have to do an OTP verification to verify your mobile number. Once done, you can now sign in to your Paytm for Business dashboard and proceed to the next step.

Please note: You need to create a new MID from your GlobalLinker store even if you have an existing Paytm for Business account. In this case, most of your business information will come pre-filled. For existing Paytm wallet users, the confirm password or OTP step will be skipped.


OTP verification

Step 9

Next you have to enter your business details. If you already have an account with Paytm wallet etc, the details will come as a prefilled. Make sure all the details entered here such as PAN card and business details are as per the government proof of record that you plan to submit.


Enter business details


Please note: On this page you also have to enter your website URL. To get your website URL, go to your page, click on the Home icon and you will find your website url as indicated below. URL


Step 10

On the Paytm Business dashboard, once you have entered all your details, Accept the Terms & Conditions and click on Proceed.

Accept terms and conditions


Step 11

A congratulatory message will appear. Here you have to click on Get Production Keys.

Get production keys


Step 12

From this screen you have to copy the Merchant ID and Merchant Key

Copy Merchant ID & Key


Step 13

Go back to your Seller Panel, enter your Merchant ID and Merchant Key, enable it and click on Save. Paytm payment gateway will get activated on your online store.

 Paste Merchant ID & key on seller panel


Step 14
To complete the KYC process, you need to verify your account and business. To do this click on Verify Account. On this page you have to provide the required information and upload KYC documentation. Once you are done your KYC process will get completed and your Paytm payment gateway activation process will also get completed. With this, the Rs 50,000 transaction limit gets removed and thus the transaction limit gets increased.

Please note: It is important to complete the KYC process since all the settlements will be on hold until the documentation is complete and verified.


Complete KYC and verify account


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