Four sales tips that can help you hit your Q4 sales targets

Four sales tips that can help you hit your Q4 sales targets

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Alexis Natividad

Alexis Natividad

239 week ago — 4 min read

The fourth quarter of any fiscal year can be a hectic and stressful time for people in sales, with numbers to keep up with. After all, sales is a game of numbers, with targets to hit and quotas to fill. The adage “you’re only as good as your last sale,” paints a rather telling picture of how fast-paced and cutthroat this field can be.

According to sales expert and accomplished corporate training facilitator, Lhoree Valerio, there are multiple techniques that can help you improve your sales game and hit your fourth quarter sales targets.

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1. Asking the right questions

“If a salesperson wants to know his chance of closing the deal, probing is the key to finding out what the prospects need,” suggested Ms. Valerio. “Probing is not just about asking random questions, probing is about asking the right questions - the type of questions that lead to the customers needing and wanting your products or services.“

2. Storytelling

Presentation, negotiation, and closing are essential attributes any successful salesperson must have - skills which are deeply rooted in the art of storytelling. After all, the challenge for most salespeople is to communicate their unique value proposition in an effective manner and that’s where being a good storyteller comes into play. Even the most seemingly mundane sales pitch or presentation can be conveyed in an interesting manner. That is why salespeople should always bear in mind that captivating stories can make ideas stick.

Having great relationships (with your customers) can go a long way in driving loyalty and advocacy for the products you sell.


3. Over-commit and over-deliver

In sales, it is inevitable that you will be put into a position to over-deliver as there will always be clients who will ask for a discount, demonstration, or in some cases, even ask for free samples.

While a salesman should always be ready to manage their client’s expectations, in certain instances (and after carefully weighing the possible outcomes), a salesperson should consider their request. “This will help in expertly resolving objections, and more importantly, getting the commitment of the client.”

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4. Turning transactions into lasting relationships

The mark of a great salesperson, according to Lhoree, lies in his or her ability to turn each transaction into lasting relationships. That is why you should always keep in mind that any sale you make can potentially open more doors to new clients.

“Today’s customers are savvier and rely heavily on customer reviews and testimonials. That is why having great relationships can go a long way in driving loyalty and advocacy for the products you sell.”

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