Business relocation: How to optimise the process

Business relocation: How to optimise the process

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Sainadh Duvvuru

Sainadh Duvvuru

309 week ago — 4 min read

Business relocation is not a simple undertaking. While experience is important in every sort of relocation irrespective of its nature, just in a case of any hassles emerging during the relocation, the escalations not only hurt the productivity of the employees but also impact the work hours of the human resource and administrative teams.

Here are some tips to optimise relocation of your business.

Savings and cost reduction

I still remember an auditor of a global MNC asking its stakeholders a question that no one on the team was ready for. “If your L1 (lowest offer) quotation the most optimal one?” When it comes to relocation, there can be no surety that the lowest quotation that you are getting is actually the lowest in the market.

A quick fix for this issue is simple. Prices shared in quotations should be vetted by a pricing analyst before they can be pushed for approvals. Although this requires a dedicated resource, this still works the best.


This is a cost which is borne not by the mover or the employee but by the company. Just in a case there is any accident or damage, it’s the employee whose time and energy is wasted to bring things in order; it’s the HR/Admin who will have to intervene to manage escalations and it’s the vendor who will have to work not just to sort things out but might also end up seeking time and attention of the employer. The total cost of all the involved activities culminates in direct and indirect wastage of resources.

The best way to resolve this issue is to find a mover that has a reputation for being safe, secure and causing the least damages.


Organisations have policies that are made after putting a lot of rigorous thought about the requirements, necessities, and vision of a company. While as a company this can be a special document for you, an average packer and mover works with several companies and it may not be possible for them to make themselves flexible for requirements of each and every firm.

You must therefore seek a relocation partner that is aligned with your vision and policies.

Options & operational excellence

As mentioned earlier, there is no way you can be sure that your L1 is the best quote unless you have a price analyst. Even a price analyst, after years of experiences of analysing routes and inventories can vouch for a quotation only if an exhaustive comparison has been done.

The best way to get multiple quotations is to empanel at least 10+ vendors so that you may select a close to optimal vendor for a particular city route. A lot of firms also prefer to work with companies that have a fleet of movers, dedicated price analysts and dedicated move manager to manage a relocation end to end.


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