Science-backed ways to build resilience using social media

Science-backed ways to build resilience using social media

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Airamae Guerrero

Airamae Guerrero

148 week ago — 4 min read

Whether we like it or not, browsing social media platforms has become part of our everyday lives — be it for work, connecting with friends, or just staying updated on the latest news.


An emerging problem when it comes to social media usage now is how its algorithm shows us different types of content that make us angry, frustrated, upset, enraged because these types of content make us stay longer and engaged on the platform.


For example, the news articles we see on social media can be controversial — not to mention the proliferating fake news propaganda. In short, spending more time on social media can affect us to the point of getting us more anxious than ever.


However, you can use these negative experiences the other way around and harness resilience — your capability to recharge and endure in the face of stress or difficult times.


So the big question is: How can we maximize social media to build resilience?


Here are some science-backed ways to develop resilience when using social media.


1. Reframe your experience

How you regulate and manage your emotions affect how you experience negative emotions. To harness resilience in the face of difficult moments, one strategy you can use is cognitive reappraisal.

Cognitive reappraisal is not only a useful strategy but it can also be used in response to stressful events that we experience online.


For example, if you find yourself getting upset, you could ask yourself:

-        What can I learn from this?

-        In what ways someone can benefit from this?

-        What positive outcomes can come out from this experience?


With this, you can shift your perspective and turn your negative emotion into a more positive one.


2. Take an outsider’s point of view

Distancing yourself emotionally from your own experience can help you be more resilient and can help you in preventing yourself get mentally stuck in your own negativity.

So the next time you get upset or frustrated about something you see online, you can pause, take a deep breath, and try to step back. Take an outsider’s point of view so you can lessen the tensions you feel and get unstuck from your own emotions.


These are some science-backed strategies that can help you build resilience and manage the underlying negative emotions that come when using social media. Practice these strategies regularly to stay resilient and boost your wellbeing.


Know how resilient you are.

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