Master the art of making a good first impression

Master the art of making a good first impression

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Khushboo Karnawat

Khushboo Karnawat

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You tend to make your first impression within a few seconds of meeting another person — 3 - 7 seconds to be precise. It becomes important to create a positive first impression when the opinion of others can impact your personal or professional life. This is true if you are going for a job interview or meeting your in-laws for the first time or even going for your child’s school admissions. Making a good impression goes a long way. You must convey two important messages:

• Trustworthiness & ethical values

• Competence & confidence


Here are a few simple tips that can help you make a terrific ‘first impression’.


Enter with a smile

Your smile plays a very important role in establishing trust and likability. Nothing is a better ice breaker than a genuine smile. Make sure you have a friendly appearance so that people don’t mistake you for an arrogant person. A friendly and an open personality always attracts a positive response.


Be a good listener

The average human has an urge to speak more than they want to listen. If somebody gives an ear to what the other person is saying, a rapport is established and an instant likability is developed. Learn the art of polite small talk and a brief introduction to yourself. Also practice active listening which means listening attentively and understanding the other person, instead of planning what to speak next in your mind. Be precise. Don’t flaunt.


Pay attention

Give full attention to the conversation and keep away all the distractions such as your phone or any other thing for that matter. If you get distracted then the other person feels that you are not respecting the time and energy they are investing in you. Make sure to have a good body posture facing towards the person you are talking to. Give them your full attention. Your conversation will become more effective and interesting.


Do the research

People love it when you know things about them. It shows great amount of dedication and interest on your part. If you are going for a job or client interview prior research becomes crucial as it displays your competence levels to the employer and your keen interest in their company.


Dress for the occasion

Always dress as per the occasion. If you look attractive then your chances of being liked increase. Looking good includes good grooming, well fitted clothes, hair in place, a fresh face and neat appearance.


Display good etiquette

Your etiquette play a very important role in making a positive impression. Always be courteous and show respect. Not just to the person you are talking to but also to anybody you come across including waiters or office staff. It reveals your integrity and your upbringing. Always make sure you come across as a person who respects all individuals. This could be a potential game-changer in creating the right impression. Gestures like holding the door for the person coming after you, giving your seat to an elder in a public place or even sitting only when asked, can all play a vital role in making a lasting impression.


End on a good note

Always end any conversation on a good note such as, ‘it was nice to meet you’ or ‘let’s catch up again’ (in informal setting). Do exchange your email addresses or if comfortable your number. If in a formal setting, then thank them for sparing their valuable time. You may also write a thank you note after the meeting for giving you a chance for the interview.


We only get one chance to make a first impression, make yours count!

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