Do More in Less Time

Do More in Less Time

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Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” Peter Druker summarises the importance of time management beautifully in this quote.

Here are four tips to make your day exceptionally productive:

  1. Add high priority items on your to-do list
    Stephen Covey gives the mantra, “The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” To make sure you’re concentrating on high priority items, remove items that are not absolutely essential. It’s a simple way to create a realistic schedule that ensures that all your important tasks are given high priority. Another useful tip is to ensure that you tackle at least three important tasks in a day. This will help balance and spread the work load across all working days, instead of over-burdening yourself with all pending tasks on any given day.

  2. Take the lead in scheduling meetings
    On a weekly basis, create your work calendar and give yourself adequate time for uninterrupted spells of work. This will help you take the lead in scheduling meetings as per your convenience. Be smart about the time that you have, so that all your time does not go in catering to others’ needs.

  3. Keep your meetings sharp and crisp
    Draw a clear agenda for your meeting, and try and restrict the meeting to the agreed agenda. This will help avoid any over-spills and overlaps between your scheduled meetings and tasks. In a short duration of time, you can allocate responsibilities, share feedback and plan for various projects.

  4. Never miss a meeting or a task
    Leverage GlobalLinker to plan your meetings and tasks. The Calendar module allows you to send invitations to your Business Links, and also set up reminders for your meetings and tasks. While scheduling a meeting with your Business Links, you may also check their calendars and request for a meeting in their available slot. You may also check your calendar in a day, week or month view.


Business owners or entrepreneurs manage multiple responsibilities. Given this, time management is a critical skill to help you achieve your business and personal goals. Share some of your time management tips with other business owners by commenting on this article.


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