A one-stop-shop for kitchen tools, equipment & tableware

A one-stop-shop for kitchen tools, equipment & tableware

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Don’t just start a business, solve a problem! This unchanging formula for success perfectly describes Saikrishna Surya, the founder of SKEPICK — an e-commerce store that offers a range of kitchen tools, appliances and tableware.

The birth of an idea

A resident of Hyderabad, Saikrishna has more than 15 years of experience in the IT sector. He shares how the idea of creating an online store took root, “I am someone who likes to help my wife in the kitchen. While helping her, I would think ‘if we had this appliance it would be nice’. Then we would go to a physical store and find a very limited variety of kitchen tools & appliances. When I searched online, I didn’t find products very easily available and even if it was available sometimes, it would be out of stock and things like that. This gave me the idea of creating an online store that offers all kitchen appliances & products under one roof.”

Ease of creating an online store with LINKER.store

Saikrishna has retained his job in the IT sector and parallely worked hard to give shape to his business vision. He shares, “I was looking to create an exclusive online store. I contacted a couple of webstore providers but was not happy with the services. Finally, I got in touch with the LINKER.store team and found the solution to be extremely user-friendly & easy to manage.” He adds, “I am increasing my inventory. I am searching for and contacting several manufacturers to ensure that SKEPICK offers a wide range of products. Adding products on my LINKER.store website is quite easy.”

Website USP

The USP of SKEPICK is that it allows customers to browse and buy a wide range of kitchen appliances, utensils and related products from the comfort of their home. Moreover, many of these products are not readily available in the market. An interesting feature of the website is that it highlights the ‘Latest’ products added to the inventory; ‘Special’ products that are not easily available elsewhere; and ‘Bestseller’ products that are popular amongst customers. The categorisation of products and appliances is very clear and the pricing is competitive.

E-commerce: Growth opportunity

Saikrishna believes that the e-commerce industry has a huge growth opportunity & online shopping is a phenomenon whose time has come. He opines, “People who are busy with their jobs or those work night-shifts, they don’t get time to actually go to a physical store. A lot of shopping is done by them online during office hours only. Moreover, in shopping malls, the variety that you get is often not as good as what is available online. I too shop mostly online.”

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